"Yvonne is the ultimate real estate professional and I am convinced that the sale of our beach property would not have occured without her highly developed real estate knowledge and the people skills she displayed to the seller and buyers together to consumate the deal. This real estate transaction was complicated and presented a number of obstacles which at times made us question whether we wanted to proceed with the transaction. .... Yvonne is the brightest and most dilligent real estate agent we have used in purchasing a home. My wife and I have purchased six homes over the years and this was the most challenging transaction given the physical distance we were from the property and its seller. There is no doubt that Yvonne's attention to detail and responsiveness to our concerns protected us as buyers and resulted in us acquiring property in the location where we wanted to reside in Kailua."
– N.S. & C.S. (Buyer, Seller, Buyer in Kailua)

"Yvonne recently helped us purchased a house in Ewa Beach. We live in Kauai. One can read her impressive real estate experience from her website, but what really impress us was working with her in person. She possesses all the good qualities of a real estate broker, caring, responsive, knowledgeable, resourceful, and exceptionally professional in all the transactions. She definitely is not one of those "friendly but incompetent" real estate agents whom one is afraid to get stuck with. Yvonne always put our best interests above all and never complained about the extra work she had done for us. She sent us detailed pictures of houses because we do not live in Oahu. She found us a new lender when our own lender canceled our loan. She took us through 3 purchase contracts and 2 backup offers before we settled with our final purchase. My husband, who was a real estate agent in California but now retired, said Yvonne had done an excellent job in helping us finding a house we really pleased with. Those who know Yvonne, there is only praises for her dedication to her clients, and for those who do not know her, I highly recommend her for any real estate services."
– M.M. & S.M. (Buyer in Ewa Beach)

"Yvonne is a dedicated and knowledgable real estate professional. She handled all aspects of the sale and provided me with above average piece of mind in knowing that things were being dealt with an a thorough and complete understanding of the many complex issues that were involved. I had a windstorm rip the roof off of the house a few days before closing and Yvonne managed to get it repaired, and passed inspection in time for closing. She is fantastic!"
– Trust Sale (Trustee-Seller in Kailua)

"Yvonne is totally FIVE STAR all the way! She understands the many complex real estate circumstances in Hawaii, and is able to explain them clearly and fully to clients. She knows and is responsive to the local market as well as newcomers. Yvonne went above and beyond in her assistance and service to me. She helped me get the home of my dreams in beautiful Kaneohe. I trust Yvonne to know all the aspects in any real estate transaction. I will definitely use Yvonne again."
– (Buyer in Kaneohe)

"Yvonne and Ana did a great job for me and got the highest price ever for a condo of that size in that building. She assisted with arranging for repairs and other things to get the condo ready for sale. The paperwork was incredibly easy even though I was on the mainland -- the electronic process was perfect. It was all great."
– K.S. (Seller in Honolulu)

"Yvonne helped us with selling our previous house and buying our current one. We could not be happier with the choice of our real estate broker. Yvonne has a great design taste and she is an expert at staging houses. She did whatever was necessary (from hanging pictures on our walls to arranging for outstanding photography) to put our house in the best position for showings and advertisements. We sold our house quickly and at a very good price. On the buy side, Yvonne's excellent knowledge of the Oahu Windward real-estate market was a great asset for us. She followed through with any special requests we had, always kept our interests above anything else and helped us numerous times save money in our transactions. We would highly recommend Yvonne to anyone interested in buying or selling real estate - her skills and ethics are exceptional."
– A.O. (Seller in Honolulu, Buyer in Kailua)

"Thank you both [Yvonne and Ana] for being so great (knowledgeable, patient and professional) with our home purchase. You are truly a top notch team! It is apparent that you both have a gift and natural talent for what you do. Your expertise and delivery of advice was spot on. Our Hawaiian home purchase was the best experience we have had with purchasing a home. We are pleased with our purchase, especially the size of the house and lot and the privacy. If there is any way we can recommend you guys or post a stellar review about Home Shoppe Hawaii anywhere, please let me know. I can honestly say that Yvonne, you are by far the most qualified and talented Broker In Charge that I have met in my residential/commercial/federal real estate career of 14 years. I hope more and more local Realtors will see the true value of working for a BIC like yourself. Some assurances are priceless. Thank you and many Mahalos!"
– H.M. & M.M. (Buyer in Kailua)

"Yvonne is a terrific realtor. She is reliable, dependable, and knowledgeable about the real estate market. Yvonne is easy to work with, put us at ease, and handled the sale every step of the way. We highly recommend Yvonne as your realtor."
–C. & S. C. (Seller in Honolulu)

"She's simply the best on the Island. It helps though that being an attorney she has in depth knowledge of the intricacies of contracting and the process of buying or selling a home, but even more importantly, she has the X-factor that cannot be learned. Passion and compassion, people skills, you name it, she has it. I recommend her without reservation."
(Seller in Honolulu)

"Yvonne advised us to neogtiate more aggressively than we originally planned. Her strategy worked.  It's the first time frankly, when a realtor has advised me to offer less that I intended as a starting point for the negotiation, and that to me is the true and undisputed mark of a buyer's agent who has her client's interests at heart.  When the time came to make our offer, rather than pushing us into the deal, Yvonne took the time to go with us through all the negatives the house had.  She wanted to make sure that we (a) thoroghly understood these negatives and (b) we were comfortable with them. Once again, this was a truly exceptional proof of her objectivity and professional integrity."
– R.B. & A.B. (Buyer in Honolulu)

"I highly recommend Yvonne for your real estate transactions. I partnered with Yvonne to sell property in Kailua and she made recommendations and staged the property which resulted in a significantly higher sales price. She navigated several bumpy issues during the transaction and with her expertise and attention to detail, she really saved the day! I would love to hire her on every one of my real estate transactions."
– M.F. (Seller in Kailua)

"Yvonne did an excellent job selling our house. She gave excellent recommendations on decluttering and presentation. She did not push us to accept the first offer to quickly sell our house, but negotiated on our behalf to get us a fair price We ended up selling our house above asking in 23 days!"
– M.H. (Seller in Mililani)

"Yvonne was exceptional. I've worked with a number of different realtors, on-and off-island, and Yvonne was by far the most capable and professional. She was professional from the outset, explaining to me both our obligations (real, ethical, and "just because it's the right thing to do" obligations)... With everything she did, Yvonne made it clear what I should expect... and what she could do to help. She never disappointed....She supported and enabled me to make the purchase MY way - from online signatures to short-notice showings, and lots of questions to the sellers. She always offered to help, even things that were not her responsibility."
– S.C. (Buyer in Kailua)

"Yvonne did an excellent job in helping us select our house. We never felt pressure to purchase the first house we saw. She took us all over the island to find houses that fit our criteria. She was quite frank in her assessments, even when a house appealed to us on a first impression. We took her advice and found an even better one. When we found the place we liked, she really made the process easy." 
– D.B. (Buyer in Mililani)

"Yvonne helped us look at almost every single condo in Waikiki before we decided that we actually wanted a single family home. She found us all the best single family homes within our price range and helped us purchase our home despite many obstacles from the seller. Professionally, she is a gem, since she is also a lawyer, which helped immensely during contract changes and negotiations. She is an exceptional realtor who we have remained in contact with since our closing. We were so lucky to find her!"
- M. & K. H. (Buyer in Kailua)

"The fact that she is an attorney gave her extra insight into all the transactions that occur when purchasing a home, and she did this in a very professional manner....she was always available from the moment we met her. Yvonne has a very thorough knowledge of the different areas of Oahu, ... she was meticulous about providing detailed information about each step of the purchase transaction so that everything went very smoothly. She was also meticulous about record keeping. Yvonne went above and beyond on following up on all details. Every person that she has recommended has been just as professional and honest and she has been. Yvonne is an honest, hardworking and ethical professional and we are happy to recommend her..."
- J  & L. V. (Buyer in Honolulu)

"She sold our house with a back up offer (both over asking price) in the first day and we closed with her on the new house (our third in a year with her) so that we were able to move from the first property to the second smoothly, due to special arrangements she organized with the new buyers and sellers. The house we wanted was extremely challenging to finance and Yvonne figured out a way to do it, working closely with our mortgage company to make it happen. She is always available, responsive, resourceful, connected and extremely well-informed. She is a pleasure to work with. Yvonne is fair, honest and one of the most ethical people we have ever encountered."
- K.K. & C. (Buyer, Seller, Buyer in Honolulu)

"Yvonne was always available and worked around our schedule...She always listened to what we wanted and found homes that met our basic criteria. Even so, frustrating to us, for quite a while, there were no homes that we liked enough to offer on. However, Yvonne never gave up hope and was always patient and willing to give her time. Above all, our realtor has exceptional integrity...We always trusted her and it was clear that she was always looking out for our best interest, not her own interest in just making the sale. We would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a great realtor."
– M. & P. M. (Buyer in Kailua)

"My realtor went above and beyond my expectations.  We wrote offers on many properties, but she truly worked to educate me on the market and the market trends, so I could identify a good long term investment that would also match my immediate lifestyle needs....Her service was exceptional!"
– A.C. (Buyer in Kailua )

"My sister met Yvonne, at her open house for the owner of the home we purchased, & was impressed with Yvonne & her knowledge of short sales & real estate, in general. We decided to go with Yvonne & put an offer on that short sale with her. We were happy we did because Yvonne was able to work through a very complicated process with successful results & we purchased a property for a great price and value. I was expecting the sale to take many months & Yvonne actually got it closed in three months. Yvonne gave us very exceptional service through each part of the transaction. It was a very difficult sale because there were hostile tenants living in the property and getting access to the property was hard. Everything Yvonne did in the transaction was thorough and well thought out."
– J.B. (Buyer in Honolulu)

"Yvonne was able to use her expertise to help us avoid foreclosure, listed our home quickly, helped us negotiate with the lender (which was very difficult to deal with for us). We contacted Yvonne from out of state and she was able to prepare everything for us and deal with very difficult tenants. We love Yvonne.... We always had direct contact with her!! Yvonne has shown and proven that she is a fair player and helps assure us we were getting the best deal and options presented."
– H. & J. (Seller in Honolulu)

"I contacted Yvonne from her website when I was looking for a Realtor to help my son find a home on Oahu. He had first thought he wanted a condo but Yvonne showed him all his options and he was so grateful that she did. He went on to purchase a home that he is extremely happy with and she helped him find a great house for a great price in a great location. With her attorney background, she made sure his contract had all the details in it to protect his interest. She is an amazing Realtor and I would recommend her to anyone looking for a home or condo in Hawaii." 
– J.N. (Buyer in Kailua)

"We first met Yvonne at an Open House she was giving. During that first interaction we were impressed about her total honesty about the problems/issues with the house. That professional honesty made us decide to use her as our agent. She answered all questions from us thoroughly and expertly. She was always prompt in her appointments and never cancelled one. Yvonne thoroughly researched every property we were interested in and would provide extra information even the MLS did not provide. She never pushed us to settle on a house and was very patient with us. Our loan was somewhat complicated as it was a REO with Jumbo FHA loan that required some repairs to be made prior to closing.  Yvonne helped us find a quality contractor to keep costs down and enable us to purchase the house in time. She made us aware of all the expenses and fees during the purchase process, so there were no surprises."
– M.D. & A.E. (Buyer in Kailua)

"She did a beautiful job in staging my home … her marketing efforts and timing were perfect, allowing me to retire from my job and purchase a home in San Diego within days of my Honolulu sale. She even assisted my agent in San Diego. She made a difficult situation much less stressful ... I knew I could count on her. "
– D.P. (Seller in Honolulu)

"Yvonne truly epitomizes the term 'professional' in every way. First of all, she knows and understands the market. She has made a point of learning as much as she can about the local market and how to be of service to her clients. She is confident, knowledgable and intelligent.... Yvonne surrounds herself with the best and provided service above and beyond the call in helping me close on my condo. It was a short sale, so she tenaciously worked with the seller's agent, often late into the night. I couldn't have completed the purchase without her."
– S.O. (Buyer in Kaneohe)

At the time I was in the market to purchase real estate in Hawaii, I was highly recommended to contact Yvonne Jaramillo Ahearn by friends and colleagues. She proved to be the correct choice in real estate agents. Extremely personable, she has a very in-depth knowledge of the Hawaiian housing market, and will work with you to ensure your needs are met. Honest, up-front, and trustworthy throughout the entire process. Highly recommended.
– G.M. (Buyer in Kailua)

"Yvonne worked tirelessly to get our condo prepared for sale. She advised us on how to make our condo look great, and suggested contractors and a stager. When it was finished it looked so beautiful we didn't want to sell! She was able to sell our condo reasonable fast and at a good price considering the current markets. Thanks Yvonne."
– L. & M.M. (Seller in Honolulu)